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Dedicated to producing sound working Siberians in harness,
show and obedience competitions.



My first Siberian Husky, "LIKA" was a fisher dog. She first exhibited this instinctual behavior, while on a family fishing trip to the middle fork of the Salmon River, in Idaho.

She was about 18 months old. The first three mornings of our trip, she sat on the stream bank, and watched me catch three Dolly Varden for our breakfast. The fourth morning, she ran up to the pond and jumped in. I figured that our breakfast was long gone, and we would make do with a more traditional breakfast. Lika put her entire head under water, and began walking up stream, Within 30 seconds she came back to me and dropped a 10 inch trout in my lap. Quick as a wink she jumped back in the stream, repeating the action a total of three times. The trout that she dropped in my lap. did not have any puncture marks. She only caught three each day, and then stopped. She never ate any of the fish, and repeated this for the next ten days of our trip. In the afternoon, we would go berry picking. She was quite adept at picking, never offered to share the berries, and ate them as they were picked.

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